If you’re not satisfied with your damage rate or need more reliable tolerance, Stace-Allen’s custom collet chucks can help you streamline operations and boost productivity. We consider your application as a whole, then engineer a solution with unique features and configuration to fit your specifications.

  • Internal or external gripping
  • ID and OD machining
  • Air, hydraulic, or drawbar actuation
  • Built-in actuation
  • Pullback, static, or dead-length operation
  • Radial timing
  • Air-sensing for part stops
  • Combination collet-centering and compensating 
  • Thru-hole 
  • Pallet or tombstone applications
  • Dual-diameter chucking
  • Suitable for high-RPM machining
  • Best for second operation machining 
  • Interchangeable components with minimal changeover

Custom bubble
collet chucks

Rather than two-diameter chucking or two-point clamping—which can throw parts out of tolerance—Stace-Allen’s custom bubble collets grip long parts in a single stage while keeping diameters concentric. We customize each bubble collet to fit your unique application, offering greater precision and more consistent results.

Custom collet chucks

If you need a chuck to hold a large part at high RPM, Stace-Allen can custom design a collet chuck to fit your needs. Our fixed stock large collet chucks are uniquely engineered to your specifications and requirements, and we test and keep improving to make your process run smoothly every time.

A Custom Collet Case Study

How Stace-Allen Solved a Production Problem

A machine builder contacted Stace-Allen, looking for a solution to a problem. He was working on a project for a major manufacturer, and his existing workholding was unable to grip parts well enough to prevent wobble. See the case study to find out what Stace-Allen did to help this customer.