Stace-Allen creates completely customized fixture-mounted chucks and collets with built-in cylinders, along with devices for CNC machining, manual lathes, pneumatic clamps, and precision milling. We design our custom fixtures to fit the most unique and complicated applications.  

  • Swing clamps
  • Pneumatic clamps
  • Work supports
  • Sequenced timing
  • Part-sensing
  • Hardline or gundrilled plumbing
  • Subplates
  • Tombstone or pallet loading
  • Continuous closed loop systems

Workholding fixtures

Our fixtures are designed to prevent problems that disrupt processes, and to give you iterative improvements in speed and outcomes. Stace-Allen engineers analyze your process to identify and customize workholding fixtures that can optimize and accelerate your machining, milling, and drilling operations.

A Bubble Collet Case Study

How Stace-Allen Solved a Production Problem

An international manufacturer asked Stace-Allen to devise a solution for its production team. This customer’s chucking process wasn’t reliably producing the right end result, and many parts were out of true. See the case study to find out what Stace-Allen did to help this customer.