Improving perfect performance

Each machining workflow presents its own unique complexities, and the solution to a performance problem may not be readily apparent. Stace-Allen engineers bring years of experience and cross-functional expertise to each problem, designing a workholding solution to perfect your outputs and meet or exceed your requirements, even in the most demanding applications.

We recently worked with a machine builder who was using a two-stage chucking process to machine a groove at the end of a long part, but the chucks weren’t holding the parts securely enough to prevent wobble, and the groove wouldn’t come into tolerance.

Ongoing improvement

After observing the issue in progress, our engineers got to work designing a custom workholding solution. Our process is unique in that we use the latest technology to design, test, and improve fast, before we even begin the build. With our advanced design software, wecreate a virtual test environment that gives us data-driven insight into how each prototype will perform when holding your part. Then, to get the precision you need, we field test each workholding solution on-site. Because we build adjustments into our estimates, we deliver better results—on time and on budget.

To solve the two-stage chucking issue, we tested a conventional 3-jaw chuck, but with a single grip diameter, it still couldn’t hold the part firmly enough. Next, we tried a double-angle collet. Although that produced better results, it still didn’t hold the TIR runout requirements as reliably as we hoped.

Bubble collet

At that point, we turned to a completely customized bubble collet solution. We added a bubbleshaped web to each collet, enabling it to grip different diameters at two points, eliminating wobble when cutting pressure was applied to the end of the part. With the parts supported securely, cutting the groove stayed steady, and the part easily came into tolerance.

At Stace-Allen, we never stop with “good enough.” We keep looking for ways to improve results and deliver better solutions. That’s why improvement is part of our process, not an add-on. When you need a custom workholding solution, we give you better, faster, more reliable results.