CNC Workholding Methods: The Need for Precision

In the world of CNC machining, a shop has to be constantly looking to adapt and improve to produce the best products. This is true for every shop, even those that keep the same line of products consistently because clients will always be looking for the most efficient and up-to-date methodologies and top-quality products. Old products often require minor and major updates over time, and totally new product lines will require totally new setups. In this ever-changing environment, CNC machine shops will need accurate, durable, and reliable workholding. 

Why Precision Matters

Precision workholding for your machining has some obvious benefits, but it can be tempting to go for standard workholding solutions or solutions you create yourself. It can sound completely reasonable and frugal to keep things in-house, but you are taking some massive risks. Here are a few common considerations that can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency and longevity of your production line:

  • Have you considered the humidity levels in the shop and how they will affect lubrication and hold over time?
  • Do you know the level of thermal variation possible throughout the process? 
  • Is your machine operator properly trained for handling quick changes and the maintenance necessary to keep workholding functioning properly?
  • Are you fully aware of the tolerances of your workholding and the repeatability parameters? 

Precision in your machining should always stay a top priority. Precision creates financial opportunities from start to finish. If you start with a custom-made, custom-designed workholding solution, you avoid the cost of:

  • Reconfiguring the workholding if your first solution doesn’t work
  • Downtime from changing over the workholding if it does not have the appropriate repeatability
  • Damaged products from a lack of accuracy or appropriate tolerances 
  • Full production line shutdown because your workholding method was wrong in the first place

Don’t leave the success of your CNC machining up to chance. Consult an experienced and reliable workholding company to guide you through the process. At Stace-Allen Chucks, we offer custom power chucks, precision chucks, collet chucks, and other workholding solutions for your needs, including precision workholding for aerospace applications. We are a multi-generation, independent company, and we take pride in our engineers’ attention to detail and clear communication with clients. We will evaluate your needs, customize a solution, help you install your workholding if needed, and help you troubleshoot after installation. Contact us today to start your consultation.