When to Consider Custom Workholding Solutions

When you work in the fast-paced manufacturing industry, you are constantly looking for the best solutions for your needs. Your innovations need to be matched by the right machinery with the right workholding. That presents its own potential problems and puzzles that may or may not have clear solutions. However, there are some definitive reasons to consider custom, precision workholding. 

Reason #1: You Need Precision

Workholding can play an important role in multiple stages of a machining process. Because of that, it may be tempting to reach for a standard workholding piece because you can buy more at once and be done with it. What you may not realize is that settling for a standard workholding product can sacrifice precision. The standard piece may “fit” in the space where you need it, but is it creating the optimal output every time? That’s why a custom piece can be a smarter choice from the outset. Optimized workholding creates optimized products, and that is what every machining outfit should strive for. 

Reason #2: You Need Expert Advice

If you default to a standard workholding piece, then you are relying entirely on your own workholding expertise. While that may be a good start, if you’re about to begin a new production line or have a unique process to set up, you’re taking on the risk that your solution won’t work. This could mean your production line gets put on hold. Rather than take that gamble, you can call on a custom workholding shop to provide guidance. They not only make the custom part but also go through a rigorous process to determine what workholding product is right for your needs. In addition, engineers who focus on custom workholding have a wealth of experience and knowledge that may help you see your machining process from a new perspective and ultimately save you time and money. 

Reason #3: You Need to Maximize Production Time

It’s reasonable to think that if you make your production plan well that your process will run smoothly and consistently. The trouble with that thinking is if you didn’t thoroughly consider the workholding that is integral to your production process. If you started with a standard part for a non-standard process, then you can run into several problems after production begins. You may find that your precision is reduced or your tolerance is off or the part just can’t handle the speed at which you want to run your line. All of those potential roadblocks turn into unplanned downtime. When you start to measure that downtime in dollars, then you’ll quickly realize that your standard solution was perhaps not the best long-term choice. Starting with custom workholding is an excellent way to ensure that your line is up longer and your product is produced with top-of-the-line precision. 

Stace-Allen Chucks Specializes in Custom Workholding

When you’re done considering custom workholding and you’re ready to find the right supplier, then you can turn to Stace-Allen Chucks. Our workholding solutions include custom collet chucks, power chucks, and more. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for three generations. We work with you through every stage of your project so that you can start your production line with confidence.