A unique solution to reduce downtime

Every material has its own constraints. When it comes to machining powder metal parts, the challenges include dust buildup from the cuts, which can quickly clog workholding components, causing downtime and delays. 

A Tier 1 automotive supplier came to us with just that type of issue. At one point in their process, incoming powder metal parts were coming in out of round, requiring additional machining. They needed a workholding solution to compensate for the part deformity without incurring costly downtime for cleaning and unclogging.

Testing and improvement

We started with the grip, adding swivel jaws to a 4200 base chuck to get the part to the required tolerances in spite of it being out of round. In testing, we noticed that the powder metal dust had a tendency to build up around the chuck, causing lost work time and reduced productivity.

Custom workholding

To combat frequent lockups, we created a specialized chuck with a completely custom configuration. Instead of a swivel jaw, we introduced a chuck that allowed the jaw arm itself to swivel inside the sealed chuck body, preventing dust from contaminating the chuck. 

The solution combined features from other chuck types into a unique workholding solution that met the supplier’s needs and exceeded their specifications. 

The Stace-Allen difference

At Stace-Allen, we combine more than 75 years of experience with the latest techniques and technology to create innovative workholding solutions that get the job done. Our design process includes adjustments, so you never pay more to get a perfect result.