Increasing the wear time of customized chucks

After running their customized chucks 24/7, customers sometimes see quality drop off
considerably. Tolerances aren’t as tight, outputs aren’t as reliable, and sometimes the
workholding stops working entirely.

Why customized chucks have limited wear time

When we get customized chucks back in our shop for refurbishing, we typically see the same
issues. Over time, the grease we apply in manufacturing the workholding gets used up, causing
internal components to grind down. That leads to significant—and sometimes

In many cases, regular maintenance in the form of checking lubrication daily or weekly can
extend wear time significantly. Investing a few minutes per day considerably extends the life of
customized chucks and pays for itself in reduced downtime and lower refurbishment or
replacement costs.

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Innovation extends product life for customized chucks

At Stace-Allen, we always look for new ways to improve our products so that you can improve
yours. We recently incorporated two innovations that dramatically improve workholding
performance and help to lengthen wear time.

First, we incorporated a uniquely powerful tension spring to seal our workholding fixtures and
keep grease in place longer. Routinely checking lubrication levels still matters, but with our new
spring and seal construction, your customized chucks perform at peak levels for longer than
ever before.

Next, we added a new coating to harden and smooth internal workholding components,
reducing friction and helping grease to stick better to each component over time. As a result,
your customized chucks don’t wear out as fast, and performance degrades at a dramatically
slower rate.

Stace-Allen’s innovation protects your investment in customized chucks and keeps your
machines running smoothly over the long term. Call our expert team for a consultation and get
started on design and development of a custom workholding solution for your unique needs.