Protecting your intellectual property

Off-the-shelf workholding solutions don’t set your work apart. Stace-Allen understands the challenge of protecting your market advantage, so our custom chucks are just that—custom. We never share your workholding with another company. That’s just not how we do business.

Instead, our engineers look for ways to enhance your process and position your workflows for better success. We find ways to tighten tolerances, improve efficiencies, and reduce waste by introducing innovative workholding that lasts. 

When you’re machining specialized components or building a custom product, you may not even find a ready-made chuck. That’s when Stace-Allen steps in with more than 75 years of expertise to design a completely custom workholding solution to fit your specifications. 

Protecting your intellectual property is just one of the ways we build service into each of our solutions. We specialize in complex, proprietary workholding products that meet any standard and specification.