Three myths about customized chucks

As an expert in manufacturing, you know the value that customized chucks can add to your process, your results, and your bottom line. But to make the time and cost investment, you may need to convince others of the value you see. 

Talking to people across industries and through decades, we’ve heard a lot of the questions you  need to answer to get the job done right. Today, we’re unpacking three common myths about customized chucks, and explaining how these solutions really work. 

Myth 1: Customized chucks are costly. 

The true story: Customized chucks pay for themselves in precision and efficiency. 

If you’ve been around manufacturing for long, you know that customized chucks can cost 20- 40% more than off-the-shelf options. And, for some applications, the off-the-shelf option works just fine. 

In many cases, the standard chuck simply doesn’t work, or introduces a significant cost over time. Customized chucks, on the other hand, deliver increasing savings over time, including: 

• Greater accuracy 

• Fewer rejected parts 

• Tighter tolerances 

• Quicker operational processes 

• Less downtime 

While customized chucks may cost more up front, they give you a better value over time. 

Myth 2: Customized chucks are a last-ditch effort. 

The true story: Customized chucks are part of good process design. 

Sometimes a part or material change requires a new custom chuck, or a new requirement calls for a tighter tolerance. When that happens, the only answer might be to retro-engineer a customized chuck. 

With a new product or process, though, you might consider bringing Stace-Allen in early in the process. We’re workholding experts, and we’ve also built decades of experience with machines 

and engineering across industries. Our team can work collaboratively with yours to suggest ideas and solutions that deliver even greater efficiencies and results.  

Bringing workholding into your process design can save you significant time and money from start to finish. 

Myth 3: Customized chucks solve everything. 

The true story: Customized chucks are one piece of the puzzle. 

We’re proud of our customized chucks and the track record we have with our customers. But we’ll be the first to admit that a chuck can’t solve all your problems. When it comes to your machining process, workholding is critical—after all, it touches the part itself—but it works as  part of a complex balance between process, machine, tools, and materials. 

Customized chucks hold the part in the same position, allowing for precision, accuracy, and repeatability. Sometimes, though, a problem or issue traces back to another part of the puzzle. Balance, speed, bearings, and even cutting tools might be the root cause, and diagnosing the real issue takes teamwork. 

Our teams have the expertise to spot ways that might be faster or cheaper fixes than redesigning the chuck. When you bring us in, we’re not out to sell our solution. We’re there to  help you decide the best solution for your unique process and business needs. 

As you plan your process, consider custom workholding, and justify your decisions, these may not be the only objections you hear. If you or your organization have any questions or concerns about customized chucks or collets, we’re happy to help. Reach out to our team of experts to get detailed answers and personalized estimates any time.