Why production machining operations require backup workholding

When it comes to production machining, workholding is a small component that delivers
outsized value—or considerable cost. Workholding may be the only machine component that
comes into contact with your part, so when it’s not functioning optimally you lose precision,
materials, and time.

If you’re like most production machining operations, you invest in top-quality workholding. That
strategic move allows you to turn out precision-made parts for a significant length of time
before quality declines. At that point, you send the workholding back to the shop for

During two to three weeks of downtime, that refurbishment may replace the internal
components or actuator to get your workholding chuck back into order. In extreme cases, you
might wind up having to replace the chuck entirely.

To avoid downtime, invest in backup workholding

Consider the cost of downtime for your entire production machining operation. Every time you
get your workholding refurbished or replaced, that downtime starts to add up.

Instead, we recommend keeping a backup workholding chuck ready at all times. That way, you
reduce downtime to the time it takes to extract the original workholding and install the backup.
The backup doesn’t degrade over time, so each time you switch workholding, you get your
money’s worth.

To reduce downtime further, invest in regular maintenance

Having backup workholding you can sub in to keep your production machining online
significantly impacts your bottom line. But you can extend your return on investment even
further when you commit to routine maintenance for your production and backup workholding.

Routine maintenance for workholding chucks could not be simpler—just keep them lubricated.
Two minutes a day to top off the lubrication fluid can extend the life of your workholding by

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For best results, start with the best workholding solution

At Stace-Allen, we’re always working to improve our workholding solutions to deliver more
value for our production machining customers. Our recent structural innovations give
workholding chucks longer wear life and better performance no matter what—although regular
lubrication and having a backup still makes sense!

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Your production machining operation depends on workholding for quality and productivity.

Keep things running smoothly by investing in the best workholding solution for your
needs—and in a backup to stay on track in any contingency. Stace-Allen can help you
understand your workholding needs and how to fit a solution into your budget.